who is PLASFER and what do we do?


We are a company based in the city of Porto, Portugal, and the production of Personal Protective Equipment is currently our core business.

Aware of the consequences that COVID-19 can cause, as well as the scale that it may assume, our mission is to help prevent the spreading of this and other diseases that may eventually arise. We provide personal protective equipment at a non-speculative price and with reliable suppliers.

We comply with all international recommendations and always put safety and technical issues first.

What distinguishes us and what brought us here in the first place, was the personalized service, carried out by qualified professionals and partnerships with reputable suppliers, which guarantee the high quality of our products, and allow us to deliver the security that customers need.

„Each new project is a new challenge to produce something unique.“


Provide our customers and partners with products in the most complete and faithful manner to the expectations set out in the contract signed.


To be a reference company in the PPE production segment, always ensuring the punctuality and quality of our services and products.


Providing reliable products, with a focus on the environment, is the purpose of our company. Always combining the agility of our services with their quality.





Rua da Aldeia, 468
3885-233 Cortegaça
Ovar - Portugal


+351 256 132 957


Mon - Fri
09h 12h - 14h 18h 
Saturday / Sunday and holidays - Closed

Plasfer produces individual protection equipment, called PPE. Among them we highlight the surgical masks with FFP1 certification and the N95 with FFP2 certification. To help fight the coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, PLASFER produces all types of protective masks, surgical masks and N95 respirators. Surgical masks are disposable and protect against COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. The N95 masks, in this case N95 respirators, are FFP2 certified and protect against aerosols, these masks are not disposable. All of our protective masks, surgical and N95 respirators, offer ideal protection against COVID-19 or coronavirus. To protect yourself against this virus, COVID-19 or coronavirus, you will need to purchase personal protective material, such as surgical masks and N95 respirators. These masks are personal protective equipment against COVID-19, that is, the coronavirus. All masks that PLASFER produces are of high quality, made from recycled materials. We also protect the citizens of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus. The N95 respirator is effective in fighting COVID-19 or coronavirus. We are a company that produces personal protective equipment, or epi. Surgical masks and N95 respirators. The plasfer produces surgical masks and N95 respirators for protection against COVID-19 or coronavirus.